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cognativeconsulting Essextec CIsm is the world leader in cognitive solutions. We are here to assist you from proof of concept to final implementation – with architects, engineers and analysts who have technical expertise perfectly matched with your domain experience. We offer numerous engagement options from cognitive consulting services to IP-based managed cognitive solutions to full custom cognitive solutions.

Based on our early experiences with effective cognitive implementations and cognitive transformation, we are able to provide our clients access and support to preeminent best practices that help ensure the success of your cognitive project.

Today businesses and organizations around the globe leverage our experience to:

  • Identify appropriate use cases
  • Assess Feasibility Studies and align with desired business outcomes
  • Coordinate API/Service selections
  • Create proof of concepts
  • Architect full solutions
  • Build, deploy and support your cognitive solution

By working with Essextec CIsm you will:

  • Get to market faster
  • Avoid potential mistakes
  • Integrate the right/best APIs & services for your program
  • Leverage the right cloud infrastructure

Cognitive Feasibility Study

The study begins with a weeklong discussion on use cases and content reviews. Once use cases and data sources are clearly defined, the team moves into a weeklong design thinking workshop where the selected APIs and Services are organized to optimize the assimilation your structured and unstructured data. The teams then work together to leverage your actual data and establish the feasibility of a full-blown proof of concept.

Cognitive Proof-of-Concept

From data integration to your cognitive training session… Essextec CIsm works with your data verifying the proof of concept use cases and preparing data to work with the cognitive solution focused on your specific needs.

Proving out your new cognitive model starts with identifying what relevant unstructured data is accessible, what sources the data is coming from, how will it be used to create the value necessary. We painstakingly review each data source and prepare it for cognitive ingestion in the most appropriate and expedient structure. This improves the system’s ability to use the data provided, more fully understanding the data’s content and context. In addition, we identify what datasets may need to be augmented and how to expedite additional cognitive training, if necessary.

So whether we’re working together designing and developing a mobile or web-based application our cognitive proof of concept enables both users and management to define the feasibility of a full-blown application. And move your vision into a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

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