Visual Recognition

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250 Events (images) per day per Account
1 Instance per Organization

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Image Tagging Events Pay per Use

$0.002 USD / Event ---

Face Detection Events Pay per Use

$0.004 USD / Event ---

Custom Classifier Training

$0.10 USD / Event ---

Custom Image Classification

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Help users answer the basic question, “What’s in this image?” Using the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service you can submit image files which will be returned with lists of relevant classifiers such as objects, events or settings. Locate images relevant to your business, or benefit from images organized around specific content. With Visual Recognition, users identify subjects and objects and categorize them into logical buckets. In addition, customizable categories with examples help train new classifiers.

Intended Use

Find out what’s in a group of images when you can’t do it manually. You can:

  • Put image libraries into organized categories
  • Segment user interests by analyzing social media
  • Locate quality images efficiently based on content
  • Find custom content using only an image

Your Input

  • JPEG images
  • PNG images
  • Image or website URLs
  • Custom: Classifier name, JPEG images (positive examples for each class, and negative examples)

Service Output

  • Class description
  • Class taxonomy
  • Face detection (Gender, age range, celebrity)
  • Text recognition (Beta)

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