Discovery Services

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30-day trial
1GB RAM, 2GB storage
Unlimited enrichments
1000 news queries
Custom domain model

FREE ---

Environment Size 1: 2GB RAM, 48GB storage, 4,000 enrichments

$960.00 USD / Env/Month ---

Environment Size 2: 8GB RAM, 192GB storage, 16,000 enrichments

$3,460.00 USD / Env/Month ---

Environment Size 3: 16GB RAM, 384GB storage, 32,000 enrichments

$6,530.00 USD / Env/Month ---

Enrichment overage

$0.01 USD / Enrichment ---

News queries

$0.10 USD / Query ---

Add-on custom domain model

$800.00 USD / Model/Month ---
    BACK TO COGNITIVE APIs $00.00/month


Convert, normalize, and enrich your data with integrated Watson APIs to extract value. Then, combine your proprietary data with pre-enriched news data. You will be able to utilize a basic query language to survey your data and embed Discovery into existing applications.

Suggested Uses

  • Improve agent efficiency by assisting customer service teams to speed up support resolutions, and discover unseen insights on customer pain points, behaviors and needs
  • Provide combined industry and domain-specific insights for market research teams by allowing them to source journals, newsletters, press releases, and blogs for the most up to date research and insights
  • Enable field service teams to pinpoint difficult-to-find answers in manuals, FAQ documents, collaboration sites, and more
  • Enhance chat bots and other applications produced with the Watson Conversation service to deliver potential responses to difficult questions without forming intents

Your Input

  • Unstructured data from local files, such as email and chat logs
  • Unstructured, semi-structured, and structured content from different types of data sources such as Microsoft SharePoint
  • Structured content from databases and content management systems
  • Structured and unstructured content from Cloud sources

Service Output

  • Insights extracted via queries, patterns, and trends from your private content augmented with pre-enriched content from IBM
  • Insights extracted from news and other third party and public content
  • Augmented response options that chat bots and other applications can offer to complex questions

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