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Tradeoff Analytics helps users make decisions even when there are competing objectives. Using “Pareto Optimization” users can filter options, exploring multiple criteria for a single decision. We encounter difficult decisions all the time, in all areas of life. Typically, decision making takes time and, even after research and careful thought, we still sometimes consider whether or not we’ve made the best decision. With Tradeoff Analytics, users avoid bottomless “what if” scenarios and instead hone in on the right move by eliminating endless options and presenting only the best contenders in an interactive visual tool.

Intended Use

Tradeoff Analytics helps users compare and contrast among options. Examples include wealth managers selecting investment strategies for their clients, assistance for shoppers as they look for products based on preferred features, or even helping physicians find specific treatments based on success rates, effectiveness, or side effects.

Your Input

A decision that includes several types of objectives (for instance, what is a good car for me when I highly value both price and fuel economy?)

Service Output

JSON objects that represent the best options and highlighted differences between these and other options. A client-side library to consume its JSON output is recommended.

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