Retrieve and Rank

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1 shared Solr cluster (up to 50 MB) free per month

$0.30 USD / dedicated high availability
Retrieve Solr cluster per instance hour

1 Rank Model free per month

$10.00 USD / Instance Rank machine learning model per month ---

1000 API calls free per month

$0.00089 USD / Rank API call ---

4 Training Events free per month

$2.00 USD / Rank training event ---
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Using a combination of search and machine learning algorithms, Retrieve and Rank finds the most relevant information for a user’s query. Built on top of Apache Solr, developers load their data and train a model to improve the results for end users.

Intended Use

It can be applied to a number of information retrieval scenarios such as an experienced technician troubleshooting a problem on-site, an agent dealing with an incoming customer issue, or a project manager digging for job candidates inside a professional organization.

Your Input

  • Your documents
  • Queries (questions) associated with your documents
  • Service Runtime: User questions and queries

Service Output

  • Indexed documents for retrieval
  • Machine learning model (Rank)

Service Runtime

A list of relevant documents and metadata

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