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10,000 API queries per month*
Up to 5 Workspaces
Up to 25 Intents
Up to 25 Entities
*POST /message method calls only

FREE ---

Unlimited API queries per month
Up to 20 Workspaces
Up to 2000 Intents
Up to 1000 Entities
Shared Public Cloud

$0.0025 USD / API call ---
    BACK TO COGNITIVE APIs $00.00/month


Watson Conversation Service assists you in building and training bots with conversational interactions by defining intents and entities. Further refine the system with additional technologies that enhance human-like qualities and improve accuracy of responses. Watson Conversation enables you to create a variety of chat bots through several channels with varying complexity and purpose to be used across mobile devises, messaging platforms, or even physical robots. Access your bots via the Watson Conversation API, using Natural Language flows and dialog building tools to create a completely customized and robust user experience.

Suggested Uses

Create virtual agents and chat bots. Allow your users to control your application using natural language by adding:

  • State-of-the-art language intent understanding
  • Add a chat bot to your website that responds automatically to your customers’ questions
  • The ability for users to control your mobile app using natural language
  • Create chat bots that interact immediately with users on messaging platforms

Your Input

Text to a pre-trained bot.

Service Output

Appropriate response text.

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