About Us

about Essextec CIsm, a division of Essextec Technology Group, Inc., focuses on delivering new cognitive computing based solutions which leverage natural language processing and machine learning, to enterprises around the globe.

We are able to provide our clients access to and support from a team of preeminent cognitive strategist and engineers. Our unique processes and their experiences along with industry best practices help ensure predictability and transparency in your cognitive project.

Based upon our extensive cognitive work to date we have created programs that enable you to see and define success in various steps, from proving out to implementing your new cognitive models. All in the most cost effective manner.

So wherever you are in your organization’s cognitive journey, Essextec CIsm is the perfect partner to engage for support. No other company provides the leadership, experience and success – throughout multiple industries, domains and functions.

Contact us today to reduce the risk of your cognitive project and ensure the success you are looking to achieve.