Cognitive Innovation Starts Here

So where do you go to get the best technology architects, engineers and analysts to support your cognitive project? Essextec CIsm… where cognitive innovation succeeds.

It’s where Fortune 500 leaders have been going to create Cognitive Innovations (CI), which are disrupting business models around the world. Today, Essextec CIsm remains the ONLY full service IBM Watson Partner Worldwide!

This site is designed to help companies build out costing models as well as identify and assemble the cognitive APIs and Services that are needed in their solutions set.


2016 IBM Worldwide Watson Innovative Business Partner of the Year Award

IBM recognizes Essextec for our innovative work with IBM Watson with our customers and partners. The 2016 IBM Worldwide Watson Innovative Business Partner of the Year award was presented to Essextec on October 23, 2016 at the IBM World of Watson conference in Las Vegas, N.V.


Explore, Review & Learn About Cognitive APIs and Services

Learn more about cognitive APIs and services to understand the best components needed for your new project or cognitive model. Filter by categories and attributes for a quick summary or view the full details to get complete information on each API or Service. If you’re unsure which APIs or services will work best for your solution, an Essextec CIsm Technical Architect can guide you through the process.



Set Up Cognitive Project Estimates to Share

Our estimate tool allows you to calculate your cognitive project costs based on the cognitive APIs and services you need to build out your project. Print, email or share your estimates to easily review the information with your team. Essextec CIsm is here to assist in estimating your project and architecting your optimal solution – from proof of concept to final implementation.